In times of prosperity, the most valuable consulting services are those that organize outside financing for investments. Year 2005 will be a time of legal audits, factoring and securing receivables. We will focus on the manufacturing and service sectors, where there is a constant need for acquiring new financing and day-to-day legal assistance, and on the technology sector at various stages of development. In 2005, orders from capital absorptive sectors will likely increase. Things will be hot. We focus on servicing clients who need an efficient and dynamic team of specialists rather than expansive organizational structures. We intend to continue this policy in 2005. For 2005, our clients generally forecast the need for finance capital and legal audit of their entities. We see an expanding role for factoring. For a long time, factoring as a financial instrument was not appreciated by entrepreneurs as a financing method. This was previously caused by the low level of familiarity with this financial instrument among businesspeople and a lack of legal regulations. That is also why factoring was most often mistakenly associated with purchase of debts, for e.g. collections purposes. It is actually a faster and more convenient form of financing economic activity that assures a constant funding source. In practice, factoring is a form of crediting business activity. Factoring enables not only development of already existing businesses, which do not have funds at a given moment and have no chance for receiving credits after a bank credit risk evaluation, but it also allows for development of newly formed high-risk companies. At a time of increased investment, Boards and owners will be further interested in obtaining the most objective information regarding their company. This will provide them with knowledge about the strong and weak points of their economic activity, highlight any external threats and indicate what they should focus on in their operations. We expect an increase in orders for legal audits in 2005.